September 24, 2007

Almost Ran a 10K, Not Twice as Hard as a 5K Run

It's been a hectic week and I finally managed to get some running in today. As I approached the 2.3 mile mark of my run, which would have been the halfway mark, I couldn't resist continuing on the trail instead of turning back. I had seen the additional portion of the trail while walking around the Otay Lake Upper Reservoir, and I had an idea of where it would lead me so I slowly got up the hill and ran through the winding trail.

.28 Kilometers Short of a 10K

Since I try not to pay attention to my speed or distance while I am running, I did not realize how much of a detour this was in mileage. This would have been a good run to check my pace and distance though. I easily could have run that extra .28 kilometers and achieve a 10k run for the first time. Maybe next weekend I'll go for it again.

5K vs 10K

The amazing part was how easy it was, and how the pain is very similar to a 3 mile run. Only two weeks ago I ran over 4 miles for the first time in my life, and now 6 miles. While I do feel tired, its not more intense than after every other time I've run.

Running vs. Jogging

While avid runners may not consider my pace running, I do. As a high school football player I could do a sub five second 40 yard dash, and easily run six minute miles. So yeah I know what running is, but relative to my new weight and heart rate this feels like running :)

This is so addicting I went to Borders to pick up a Runners Magazine to get some tips so I can keep this up.