May 15, 2009

Google's Stack Overflow

A 6 month old site, with a team of 6, gets 16M pageviews / month.

You may recognize the name Joel Spolsky from his popular blog, his books, or his columnon Inc.

What you probably don't know about Joel Spolsky is that he also helped found as an answer to Experts Exchange top rankings for most programming questions entered into Google. Stack Overflow is Yahoo Answers meets Digg for programmers. In the Google TechTalks video below, Joel talks about the genesis for and how much traction it has picked up after 6 months.


  • 136k Questions Answered
  • 6M Uniques / Month
  • 16M Pageviews / Month
  • 5.8M Google Referrals


5.8M referrals per month after only 6 months is a ton of traffic and trust from Google. Kudos to Joel for identifying a niche that was wide open.