May 01, 2013

The Happy Customer Double Down

Did you know your happy customers have the secret to getting more customers from your landing page to your checkout page?

The secret lies in unlocking the keywords they use to describe why they like your product and how they describe your product when they refer other people to it.

Here are the 4 steps of the Happy Customer Double Down

​1. Find your happiest and most loyal customers.

The goal here is to ask all of your customers a question that will allow you to easily segment and find your happiest customers.

I highly recommend using, a free tool for doing customer development. We actually took those questions and used SurveyMonkey so we could offer rewards to get more people to answer the survey.

Below is question 2, which can help you identify your happiest customers.

* Substitute The Best Web 2.0 App for your App name.

How would you feel if you could no longer use *The Best Web 2.0 App?
- Very disappointed
- Somewhat disappointed
- Not disappointed (it really isn’t that useful)
- N/A - I no longer use The Best Web 2.0 App

​2. Find out what makes them happy.

Now that you have the identified your happiest customers, you'll want to find out why they like your product so much. Questions 4 and 5 from will help you figure this out.

What is the primary benefit that you have received from The Best Web 2.0 App?

Have you recommended The Best Web 2.0 App to anyone?
- No
- Yes (Please explain how you described it)

​3. Double down your marketing around the answers from Step 2:

  • The primary benefit they receive from your App.
  • How they recommend your App.

The key to the Happy Customer Double Down lies in the answers to those questions.

Your happiest and most loyal customers are those that answered Very Disappointed if they could no longer use your app. All other things equal, their lifetime value is really high as compared to the rest of your customers.

These customers just gave you the value proposition that resonates with them and what is most likely to resonate with other customers like them.

Identify the keywords in the responses that come up with a higher frequency. Then write a few new headlines that incorporate those keywords.

​4. A/B Test until conversions go up.

Once you've written some new headlines, you'll want to A/B test and see which headline has a higher conversion rate. I recommend using Visual Website Optimizer it's easy to setup and they have a free trial so you can do all of this without spending a dollar.

My friend Neil Patel shared this conversion optimization tactic with me a few years ago. If you like the Happy Customer Double Down, take a look at his article: 10 ways to create high converting headlines.