September 15, 2009

Marcos Isaac Ramirez Orozco

He was my cousin by blood, but in spirit he was my little brother. He was a great friend, the leader of our soccer crew, and though he aspired to be a famous musician, for the past 3 summers he was our apprentice.

I thought the countless other family members that passed had prepared me for the death of my closest loved ones, but I never imagined Isaac would leave us so soon.

I was at the hospital the day he was born, and the day he died I received the first call that Isaac had been in an accident, 8 hurt and Isaac had gotten the worst of it. I informed our family of what I knew and rushed to the hospital, only Isaac never went to the hospital. Later that day I spoke to the coroner and I asked him how Isaac died, he believed Isaac died on impact.

August 30, 2009 is the saddest day of my life.

I have been to at least a dozen funerals half of them before I was a teenager. Isaac's funeral was the most beautiful celebration of life you could ever imagine. Over 200 friends and family walked to the accident scene the day after his passing. At his wake, it was standing room only on the entire top floor, and one by one friends and family spoke about the times we shared with Isaac and how his humility touched all of us. The act of burying someone can be depressing, but Isaac's burial was different. Tears were shed, but the music in the background was full of life.

Building a memorial site for Isaac is just the beginning of how we will remember him. Isaac as our family called him, was very proud of his father's accomplishments as one of Mexico's leading artists. I can only imagine how Marcos Ramirez Erre will honor his son, whom we were all so proud of.

Isaac's passing inspired me to write a few words.

Autumn Leaves

autumn leaves

life is dear

tree rings

small and sweet

falling tears

impress the heart

waning moon

cynic doubts

rising son

gift of hope

Tears that Stain

7 years old

dad is crying

25 years later

the same tears wet my cheeks

these are tears that stain the face

been here a dozen times

you can double park

this time is different

he was 18

bittersweet are the tears

I will always wear for Isaac

Plans in Spades

Sacrifices made

plans in spades

tomorrow is relative

today is certain