September 13, 2007

Nike + iPod - Don't break the chain

For years I have been steadily increasing weight to the point where I am 40lbs overweight. A few months ago I decided to do something about it. I had been doing push ups and some pilates style ab workout to get rid of the pony keg around my mid section but that got boring about a month ago. I did lose about 10 pounds and my pants fit better but I still have a way to go.

Don't break the chain

To lose those first 10lbs I set a goal to do exercise every day for 30 days. To assist me I used a monthly calendar and marked X's next to every day I did exercise. I only did 27 days but I felt a lot better after those first 30 days. Then I set a goal of 60 days of exercise but again I broke the chain after a few weeks when I misplaced my organizer. Yeah, I am blaming my organizer for my lack of motivation to finish the goal. It's very powerful to have a visual reminder of your goals, it keeps you honest.

100 Miles in 12 weeks

I am still on a quest to lose weight and be fit so five days ago I logged into the Nike + iPod site and made a goal to run 100 miles in 12 weeks, burn 15,000 calories in 12 weeks and run more often. In the past when I did get around to running I would do about 3 miles in 33 minutes, no record setting pace but pushing a Bob Stroller slows you down a bit. However I have decided to run a longer trail to accomplish this goal sooner and maybe do my first 10k race. Below is my progress as tracked on the Nike + iPod site I am ahead of my goal and might make a push to get it done in 60 days.

I am starting to think I need more goals and visual reminders of them, it really helps get things done.