September 26, 2008

Politics and Business

When I was a kid I was told politics and business don't mix, fair enough I thought. In 2000 I worked for a company who was led by Bush supporters, every time Bush was praised I cowardly kept my mouth shut, I wasn't informed enough and tried to follow the advice I was given.

Politics and Business Do Mix

How else do you explain the bailout of American car manufacturers to the tune of 25 Billion dollars. Yeah you probably didn't hear about that this week, but it happened. For 10 years Detroit focused on making SUVs instead of fuel efficient cars. In the name of making more fuel efficient cars they got 25 Billion in interest free loans from the US Government.

In tough times you have to stand up and fight. Our nations so called leaders have left the average American poorer today then 8 years ago. In June, when many Congressman favored rescuing home owners from foreclosure, President Bush threatened to veto any bill that put the burden on tax payers. Less than 3 months later every investment bank that participated in gambling with exotic securities is now close to getting bailed out by the Bush Administration, and Bush is urging Congressman to pass a bill and bail the banks. Suddenly it's ok if tax payers foot the bill.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, watch the following news clips and speak loudly with your vote. The deadline to register in California is 15 days before the election, in Florida its 29 days before the election. I know many people who wished they had voted in 2000, well 2008 is here and waiting for you to Vote.


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