April 01, 2013

Talk to Your Customers

It's obvious right. Talk to your customers.

But somehow we managed to get by for years at PRLeap with an outbound email address that resembled: noresponse@domain.com. Huge mistake! Every outbound email now comes from an email that leads back to our help desk.

We started PRLeap in 2003 at a time where small was not yet the new big and distrust for internet companies was high. It took us years to figure out that our biggest fans and most loyal customers were the people we had talked to.

The challenge SAAS startup's face is how to foster more meaningful interactions with customers while scaling the business.

In our case we reduced the volume of general inbound questions by providing a getting started guide and a searchable knowledge base. That left us with inbound questions that identified pain points and it gave us more time to survey our customers and improve our product.