January 27, 2010

What Really Matters?

The last 10 years I gave it everything I had to secure more leisure time and financial freedom. Though I didn't achieve everything I set out to, I am proud of the work Mario and I have done in creating a successful company and am most proud of the lifestyle our company provides us.

Last year I read The Power of Less. While I loved the concepts in the book, I didn't embrace many of the guiding principles. This year I decided to read The Power of Less a second time, only this time I condensed it into an 8 page guide I can refer to throughout the year.

The Power of Less highlights principles of productivity, how to focus, creating new habits, motivation, commitments, time management, daily routines, and one more - what I believe is the most valuable part of the book.

Choosing the Essential

A series of questions that helps you figure out what really matters.

What do I value?

What are my goals?

What do I love?

What is most important?

What changes make the biggest impact?

What changes lead to the most long term impact?

Make a list of your commitments, are there any non-essential commitments?

This decade I intend to work less, earn more, and spend more time exploring the world away from a computer. With that in mind, I did the bare minimum amount of work for the first two weeks this year so that I could stop and think about what really matters.

Once I was comfortable with the answers to those questions, I was amazed at how much clarity this exercise brought to many of the important decisions I was facing.

Set some time aside to go through and answer those questions, and let me know what you think.